Clean Malware Guide

13 Feb. 2023 – according to PublicWWW, there are over 800 infected websites.

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Here are the main cleanup steps:

1. Disable public access & check other sites on the same server;
2. Perform a backup for each website;
3. Clean the sites manually, one by one, or purchase a cleanup plan;
4. If your hosting account holds more than 2 sites, consider better hosting to prevent cross-site contamination;
5. Apply updates & make sure all the site components are up to date & secure; and
6. Monitor the sites to notice any unusual behavior;

Malicious URLs:

Malicious IPs:,

Linked & past malicious attacks:

Website security is crucial in today’s digital world as it helps to protect both the website owner and its users from potential malicious attacks such as “sortyellowapples” contamination.
This attack can lead to SEO ranking loss, disapproved Google Ads, and reputation damage.
The importance of website security should be a top priority – clean your website today.

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