How to remove malware ( cleanup guide )

The recent malware contamination affects many WordPress sites. Approx. 7346 web pages are compromised. Both web files and database are affected.
Particulary, wp_posts gets injected with “clipjs.legendarytable[.]com/clip.js”.

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The following guide requires technical knowledge.

Here are some key tips in addressing this attack.

  • Check all the PHP & JS files, this contamination affects local web files. Use this script to pack all the files.
  • Disable unauthorized users with admin privilege. So far we found “itsme” user created.
  • Are many sites affected by the same hack? All may be affected by cross-site contamination.
  • Better Search Replace plugin serves well in replacing malicious strings from the wp_posts table.
  • SEO spam was often identified with the hacked sites. To check your site for SEO spam, enter this string on Google search: “”, replacing “” with your own domain name.
  • If the Google ads are disapproved for malicious software, check this guide.
  • Look for these strings “eval”, “fromCharCode” in the PHP, JS files and database. In the current attacks, Javascript code is often obfuscated.

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How to remove legendarytable malware

Step by step malware cleanup guide:
This guide will help you to learn how to remove legendarytable malware and prevent further contaminations.

Primary malicious URLs:

Primary malicious domains:

Secondary URLs, pointing to the same network AS45839:,,

Other Malicious URLs:

Malicious domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Bad IPs:,,,,,

Bad string: “eval(String.fromCharCode”.

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