My Site Is Clean, Why Google Ads Are Still Disapproved?

If your developer or security analyst confirms that your website is malware free – and indeed it is, you might still get your ads disapproved by Google. And the situation can go on for weeks or even months.

Here’s why.

  • Site’s domain name is blacklisted by Google Ads system so a manual review is still required to revert it.
  • Google bots are getting outdated cached pages of your site, which still contain malware, although the live version is malware free.

Cache must be disabled locally, but also on any external servers – especially if your site is behind a CDN or firewall, Cloudflare or WPEngine.

  • How to turn off caching using .htaccess:
  • Disable cache in Cloudflare:
  • WP Engine Cache Exclusion:

You may ask for a second review, after site’s cache is disabled.
Open a ticket with Google Ads support here:

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