Site Hacked with, what’s next?

If you’re having issues with malware, you should:

First thing: don’t panic and disable your site.

Rename “public_html” folder or adding “deny from all” inside your main .htaccess file should do – your visitors will be protected from getting bad adware.

Moreover your site reputation will be protected, saving you from getting the domain blacklisted.
Dealing with a blacklisted domain is a time-consuming job.

Afterwards you may:

1. Ask your web host to secure a site backup.
2. Perform a cleanup ASAP.
or signup for Platinum for a fast cleanup.
3. Make sure other sites, hosted on the same hosting platform, are not affected.

Try our Free site check.

Malicious networks:,,,
URLs: hxxps://prizehouse-space[.]life/?u=mr1kd0x&o=f5pp7z3&t=p&cid=3vanvo31u9r31s
Malicious domains:,,,,,

Text used to lure visitors into filling out forms online:
“WARNING! Your iPhone is infected with virus and immediate urgent action is required.
Continue with instructions to fix iPhone. Do not close this window.”
“Congratulations! you have been randomly selected to take this survey. It will only take a minute and you will receive a amazing prize: Apple iPhone 12 Pro!”
“Congratulations device user! Google Membership Rewards Question 1 of 4: Who is a founder of Google?”
“You are selected by Google to be among the first few persons to win an iPhone 11 Pro or other Google prizes”
“Today’s prize is an Apple iPhone 12 Pro! Only 10 lucky users living in Ireland will be the winners!”
German:”wurden Sie zufällig ausgewählt, um an dieser Umfrage teilzunehmen. Es dauert nur eine Minute und Sie erhalten einen erstaunlichen Preis: Amazon-Geschenkkarte im Wert von €1000!”
Spanish: “ha sido seleccionado al azar para completar esta encuesa. Solo le llevará un minuto y recibirá un premio increíble: Apple iPhone 12 Pro!”