How to Find & Clean Malware

Another wave of attacks is linked to the domain. A malicious Javascript injection triggers the redirection. If your website is affected by this type of malware, all the JS files need to be checked.

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Clean steps

  • Disable public access to your website.
  • Check FTP accounts, SSH access, and Cron jobs.
  • Perform a full website backup.
  • Proceed with a thorough cleanup, making sure the are no malware or vulnerable site components left.
  • Check the Google search results for SEO spam by typing “”, where you can replace with your own domain name.
  • Perform a blacklist check using URLVoid, VirusTotal, and MxToolbox.
  • Restore the site and apply all the available updates.

Malicious links:

Other bad URLs:

Malicious IPs:,,,,,
Sucuri SiteCheck
Known javascript malware: malware.injection?188

Malicious domains:,,,,,,,,
Malicious IPs:,,,,