Re: Password Expires Tomorrow

If you’re getting a password expiration notice, most likely it’s a scam. Report the email to your supervisor or email provider – do not click on any links.
However, if you interacted with the malicious form already and provided your password, you need to change the email password a soon as possible.

What happens when your email password is exposed?

  • The attacker gains access to your private emails, customers, payment notifications.
  • Email address may be used for spam campaigns.
  • The same password may be used to gain access to your other accounts, such as Amazon, iCloud, etc.

Malicious email content:

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Your pa‏‏‏‏ss‏‏‏‏wor‏‏‏‏d for … is ab‏‏‏‏out to exp‏‏‏‏ire tomorrow. You can change your P‏‏‏‏ass‏‏‏‏wor‏‏‏‏d or co‏‏‏‏ntinue usi‏‏‏‏ng curr‏‏‏‏ent Pas‏‏‏‏sw‏‏‏‏ord.
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you may visit … to see email activity
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