Don’t fall for this Litecoin scam!

If you recently got this email, simply ignore it – don’t fall for their scam.
More information on this bad practice:

When in doubt, google for the Litecoin or bitcoin address.
All the scam attempts are usually reported.

In my existence I have seen many things, but u excelled everybody!
Are you the same hardworking during hooking with a real woman as when you wank?
I feel a bit pity for you, you look like an ordinary guy, but you have such creepy habits.
Ur wanking is just hell! In a little while this will become available to public!
I’ve seen a lot of men through the camera and, trust me, I’ve seen a lot! And I think u are not the nastiest man!
Why is it so simple to access to your cam? I know the answer, you simply don’t care about ur safety!
Your device is too vulnerable, and it turned out too simple to connect to it.
I’ve an intimate video with ur participation, and there are two variants to resolve the problem. LhVXjJT65q2XtpSSACrMLmc1n1KoADezz6 LTC, 922 GBP – you meet these requirements within forty eight h when u open the message, or ur contacts will see your video as well as the whole Internet.
If u do not take care of your safety, then u gotta care about ur reputation, that’s the way the world works, guy.
I will not review my conditions, and there is no use to talk about them, this email address is going to be deleted, do not text here, I won’t see it.
You should foot the bill for ur mistakes, this will be a really good lesson for you for the future!