Phishing Alert Posta Romana & EuPlatesc

Last updated: December 20 2021

Recently phishing attacks are ongoing, targeting Posta Romana and EuPlatesc users. It will start with an email message, with the subject “Support Aveți un pachet de intrare”.

Network used to deliver phishing emails:
Email headers:

Message: Aveți un pachet de intrare
Un pachet a fost expediat către dumneavoastră și este nevoie de atenția dumneavoastră.
vă rugăm să completați cu exactitate formularele solicitate.

The initial page loads content from the following official pages:

The second page ask the visitors to submit credit card details for a small payment.
Official resources loaded from EuPlatesc:

If you’re getting a phishing email, you should report it a soon as possible:

1. Google Safe Browsing
2. Netcraft
3. Microsoft
4. PhishTank

Forward phishing email to: [email protected]

Malicious URLs:

More URLs via