How to Fix Prizes Redirect Hack

Today I compiled a set of domains which appear to direct users to malicious pages. A couple of them get decent amount of traffic, so they earned a high Alexa rank.
If your website is being redirected to one of these domains, a malware cleanup is required.

Steps to consider when dealing with “prizes” redirect hack:

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1. Perform a full site backup ( database and files ).
2. Check Google search results for any SEO spam. “” query should display indexed pages.
3. Check index.php and .htaccess files for any malicious content
4. Run a scan on all your site files. Result might come out clean.
5. Restore all infected files back to their original form.

If Google search results are corrupted, you should signup with Google search console:
More details will be provided after website will be added and verified.

Sample URLs:

Visited right after:

Bad IPs:

Malicious domains:

Other malicious URLs: