How to remove malicious database injections

These days we noticed higher than usual contamination with this script. If your website is blacklisted for malicious content, and this URL is being reported:, then it means your database is contaminated.


Before anything else, you should backup your database & site files to prevent any data loss.

Secondly, in order to remove this malicious injection, all you have to do is to search & replace the following string with no content.

<script src=\'hxxps://cdn.examhome[.]net/cdn.js?ver=1.0.88\' type=\'text/javascript\'></script>

These are several tools for this procedure:

1. Search Replace DB:
2. Better Search Replace:

If you decide to use interconnectit script, don’t forget to delete it after you’ll complete the search & replace.

If the above Javascript code is not found, then try this code:

<script src='hxxps://cdn.examhome[.]net/cdn.js?ver=1.0.88' type='text/javascript'></script>

Lastly, you should check your local files. Look out for this string:

<script language=javascript>var _0xfcc4=[

If you’re dealing with a general contamination, it will be a good idea to rebuild your WordPress website, using fresh core files, plugins & theme, since we don’t recommend the search & replace technique for local files. In case you’re looking for help, contact us.

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